Improve your listening skills

Ressources: Improve your listening skills

There are many ways to improve your listening skills in French. Perhaps the easiest and most accessible is to put on your favorite movie and change the language track to French. Listen for about 10 minutes or so and see if you can repeat anything that you hear and try and see how it compares to the lines you already know. If you don't feel like watching a movie, check out the resources below for other ways to work on your listening.

Disney Enfant - Disney kids videos

Lyrics Training - music videos and activities

Lawless French - a variety of listening activities for all levels

Le Point du FLE - listening activities made especially for foreign language students

TV5Monde - videos on a variety of subjects broken down by level

CAVILAM Alliance Française - many different topics, broken down by level. Especially helpful for AP/IB practice

France Inter - The French version of NPR

NRJ - Web radio that is played in class. You'll need to sign up for an account, but don't worry as they do NOT send you any emails!